Speaking Your Mind

speaking your mind

At GSA, the Speaking Your Mind sessions are designed to improve your confidence and engagement in English and introduce you to strategies to successfully communicate your creative ideas. You will increase your confidence speaking and listening in English, specifically those you use and encounter in the study and practice of art, design, and architecture. You will also increase your confidence and deepen your knowledge about writing, develop your own voice in writing and improve your reading strategies.

Participating in this group will enable you to evaluate what kind of language is appropriate in what context, and through discussion with your peers develop language skills and vocabulary appropriate to critical and analytical thinking relevant to your specific area of study. Through participation in discussion you will gain confidence in verbally expressing your ideas, and engage with and respond to others’ ideas.

The following pages focus on strategies you can use to improve your experiences of  speaking and listening during learning and teaching activities at GSA. Each page focuses on a different learning activity. The case studies have been created based on the experiences of past 2nd language students at GSA.

The main learning and teaching activities involving speaking and listening at GSA are: