Uncertainty and Taking Risks

Gabriella Marcella DiTanoFew, if any assignments at GSA will have a single, definitive solution or answer. Projects and assignments are presented in such a way to allow individual students to include and add to their individual experience and creativity. When students are asked to compare different architectural styles or to investigate urban phenomena, the aim is for the student to use this ‘brief’ to explore ideas from an individual perspective, grounded on extensive research and experimentation. Students at GSA are encouraged to take risks; to try new things; to experiment. This inevitably will result in a great deal of uncertainty.

Uncertainty is therefore a valuable phase of the research process at GSA. Uncertainty often occurs when dealing with unforeseen and unknown factors, as you experiment through making. In moments of uncertainty, it is good practice to discuss your research with tutors and peers, to revisit the assignment or brief, and to learn from and develop your ideas from these uncertain experiments.

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