Your Experience and Creative Practice

Our experience of the world around us influences our sense of identity and our creativity. The selection and control of these experiences, the kinds of things we decide are noteworthy or interesting, are very personal.  Often we are not fully aware of why we stop to look at something, or why we prefer particular colours, sounds, materials, texts or places etc. Every day, on an individual basis, we make choices about what we see, what we eat, what we wear, our direction of travel, where we sit, what we touch, what we read, and what we make.

“yet it has always happened that certain things–a stone wall, a seashell, a leaf, a teapot–present themselves … as if asking … for minute and prolonged attention”

Italo Calvino

As a creative practitioner, the understanding and engagement with the world around you will inform the specialist, individual and creative language that you will develop when studying at GSA. Your creativity and observational skills are active throughout the day, both consciously and subconsciously, even when you are asleep, in dreams. In order for you to engage with your creativity and for tutors to provide accurate feedback, it is not efficient to keep creativity in your head – it needs to be recorded.

studio research stages

Of course, it would be impossible to record every experience, but the more you can record or document the more informative your ‘picture’ of your interaction with the world around you will be. In their original form, these records, notes or documents may appear chaotic and disconnected. Some notes you make will inform your practice, or how you interpret a course brief, whereas others will have no immediate significance, but may well inform your work at a later date.

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