Working in Your Studio

studio research image from Christabel Geary . Masters of Letters Fine ArtThe studio can be used in different ways according to the course you are on, and the way that you prefer to work. The studio could be:

  • a space to make work
  • a thinking space
  • a visual /physical map
  • a base
  • any combination of the above

The way you work might vary depending on the project you are working on. In many cases, this is the space where tutors will look for evidence or examples of the ways in which your studies are developing.  Your peers and tutors will hope to find you, to share advice or give guidance, in your studio space.  Tutors are likely to comment on the experiments, drawings, found objects in your studio, just as much as reviewing finished work or sketchbooks. Therefore, whatever way you use your studio, try to keep the space active. Think of your studio space as a visual or physical sketchbook, a place where others can gain insights into the way you work and think in your specialist field. If you feel a work is no longer relevant, find a way to document or store it, and make space for ongoing and current studio research.

It is important to let tutors know if you are working outside of the studio, either at another area of GSA campus or further afield.

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Image: Studio Research by Christabel Geary