Studio-Based Learning

Studio-based learning is more than just producing work in your own studio space; rather it is a concept of learning that happens through the process of thinking, making, doing and discussing in a shared environment as part of a creative community.

In most disciplines you will be allocated your own workspace within a larger shared studio.  How you use your studio space will depend on you and your subject area. Students may use this space to make work, as a thinking space, and as a place to map visual stimuli. If your practice relates to the wider community outside the campus, or you make work in technical workshops or digital media suites, you might use your studio space as a base.

Students are offered opportunities to develop their practical skills through attending technical workshops and training. Beyond this, you will be encouraged to hone your practical skills within the context of producing a body of your own work in the studio.Picture15

Some subject areas will provide students with project briefs, whereas others will require students to develop their own programme of study.  In studio-based learning there is a strong emphasis on self-directed learning, and although there will be structured activities led by staff on course, you will be expected to plan and manage your time, workload, and how you use your studio space independently. This allows you to make sure your learning experience is relevant to your individual practice and interests.

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