Participating in a Creative Community

Picture19Because what you learn as an artist or designer is unique to you, creative learning is often about discussion and debate rather than instruction. Your tutors, technicians, and artists/designers in residence are part of a creative community of people you can learn from. Working in a shared studio and workshops provides a social learning environment where you will also learn much from your peers.

As part of your course you will also take part in structured activities which encourage group learning. Critiques and reviews are part of many courses and give students the opportunity to present and discuss their work with their tutors and peers. These are intended to allow you to reflect on your work and gain critical feedback that might help you develop your ideas further. Many courses also incorporate group projects to allow students to share ideas and work collaboratively.

As part of this creative community in the studio, and through taking part in the activities embedded within your discipline, you will also be able to make an active contribution to the learning experience of others. At GSA you will encounter many different perspectives, and here you will learn to find your own perspective through the experience of not knowing and experimenting over time.