Higher Education and Your Practice

12927580375_5b836ae3a0_z (1)The key principles of higher education are significant to your learning at GSA. Whatever course you are on, as you develop your practice you will also need to demonstrate your learning of the scholarly attributes of research and critical thinking.

You will produce work in the studio using these attributes and alongside the work you produce in the studio, you will present documentation of your research: the inspiration and ideas behind your work, the resources for these, and the process of their formation.

You will also demonstrate your critical faculties by evaluating and analysing your own and others’ work. Your degree at GSA may also involve doing research into the history and theory of art, design and architecture, and communicating that research in formal assignments. All of this will take place through working with others: your tutors and your peer-group of students.

Rather than approaching these scholarly aspects of learning at GSA as hurdles to be jumped over, they may be seen as intertwined with developing your practice as a designer, architect or artist. They will provide a structural basis for your creative ideas, and enable you to take these ideas further, and communicate them to others.

Both art and scholarship are about making, and skills learnt through artistic practice will come in useful in academic work, and the skills learnt through scholarship will enrich your artistic practice.

Image: McAteer at GSA Flickr