Read and Write software


Texthelp Read and Write software uses audio and colour to support your ability to read and write.  It is particularly useful for students with dyslexia, concentration difficulties, or speakers of English as another language.

  • Text to speech helps you to process information by reading text out loud. This can help with proof reading your writing,  improve your concentration and reading efficiency.
  • Screen masking enables you to use a coloured overlay to reduce visual stress, glare and support your focus when reading. The reading ruler helps you to keep your place.
  • Coloured highlighters help you collate information, and can help you to structure your writing.
  • You can save any text files as an audio file to play back on your phone or computer.
  • Spellchecking and word prediction features help reduce likelihood of grammatical errors

*Availability at GSA – Read and Write can be used on all computers in the Library and selected computers around campus.

* A 30 day trial can also be downloaded from:

How to use Read and Write

There are excellent help videos built into Read and Write. Online support includes  video tours and training guides (quick start guides and complete guide books)