Text to Speech (hear your computer speak text)

icon-18Text to speech is where your computer reads text out loud. This can be useful for reading research materials, essay questions, news articles and to help proof read your writing.

Dedicated text to speech software includes Texthelp Read and Write and Claroread. Your computer also has built-in text to speech tools:

Windows Text to Speech

A quick guide is available on the Microsoft Office website.

Mac Text to Speech

A quick guide is available on the Apple website. Please note that instructions for use and options will vary between operating systems.

You are able to download a wide range of software voices free of charge:

It is worth spending time finding a voice you like, this will help you get more use out of text to speech.

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Open Speech, then Text to Speech
  • Click on the System Voice Menu and select Customise.
  • This brings up a long list of voices to choose from, which can be previewed using the Play button.
  • Select the boxes to the left of the ones you like and then press OK. *Please note that some of the file sizes are very large.

The Scottish Voicelogo

As a GSA student, you are eligible to download Scottish Software Voices free of charge. The voices are called ‘Heather’ and ‘Stewart’, and can be used with text to speech features built into your computer, and software such as Texthelp Read and Write, Inspiration, and Adobe Acrobat Professional.

To download the voices, please go to the Scottish Voice website and complete the online form. Please note that the Scottish Voices are not currently compatible with OS X 10.12 (Sierra)