Inspiration Mind Mapping Software

Many GSA students are visual thinkers. Inspiration software is relatively straightforward to use and enables you to visually plan, organise and analyse a wide range of information.

It is particularly effective as a tool for:

  • Organising and collating research (for studio or academic writing)
  • Writing your essays and presentations (you can switch between a visual interface and a text-based view that can be exported to Word or Powerpoint)
  • Planning studio work (the process you take from the brief or initial ideas right through to the final outcome)
  • Breaking your workload into manageable chunks (helps to improve focus and reduces you feeling overwhelmed)


*Availability at GSA: Inspiration can be used on all computers in the Library and selected computers around campus.

*A 30-day trial can be downloaded from and can be purchased online for approximately £50.

*Inspiration Maps is an app available for mobile and tablet devices, and is covered in more detail under the section ‘Mobile and Tablet Devices’

How to use Inspiration

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