Livescribe Smart Pen

41N8dbsDUHL._SY300_A Livescribe Pen is a pen with a built-in microphone, thus enabling you to record audio while writing notes or drawing. To play back your notes you can tap on the relevant note in the Livescribe notebook. You can also view and play back your notes through Livescribe Desktop software, which also enables you to search your notes and convert handwriting to editable text using ‘Myscript’ software (sold separately).

There are several models of Livescribe Pen; we recommend the Echo with 3D recording headphones connected for distance recording in lecture theatres. Click here to find out how a smartpen could help you.

Support Resources

Using the Livescribe Pen

Writing and Recording Notes
Using Recording Headphones
Playing Back Notes
Smartpen Settings
Smartpen Status
Smartpen Features

Using Livescribe Desktop Software (For Mac and Windows)

Introduction on the Livescribe YouTube Channel
Searching Notes
Creating Custom Notebooks
Playing Back Notes