Audio Notetaker Software

presentation_capture-400x170Audio notetaker software enables you to visually organise your audio content alongside lecture slides, images, or typed notes.

You can import audio from a dictaphone, your mobile, or by live recording on a laptop.

This enables you to ‘replay’ the lecture experience and use colour coding to mark key sections, add references or key words when you revisit the audio recording. Interacting with content enables more effective engagement and processing of information. It also enables you to easily format the recording. It can also be a useful tool for practicing presentations or collating information from interviews.

Interacting with content enables you to engage with your audio recordings more effectively, helps improve your ability to process content and boosts your concentration.


Sonocent Recorder is the free companion app to Audio Notetaker and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the software.


Support Resources for Mac and Windows

You can download a 30-day trial from their website.

Video tutorials available through their YouTube channel – including using Audio Notetaker in lectures and for composition.

The Sonocent website includes support resources for Mac and for PC