Mobile and Tablet Devices


This page include links to video guides and resources to help you get to know how to use certain mobile phone and tablet devices.

iPhone and iPad

  • An Overview of iOS is available on the Apple website and details all the features within iOS, the iPhone and iPad operating system.
  • iOS 7 Basic use is also covered on the Apple Website, showing common features such as touchscreen gestures, the notification centre, email and internet.

iOS Accessibility Features

Information is available on the Apple website about how to adjust settings to support: 

Voiceover is a particularly useful tool for supporting vision and is covered in more detail on this webpage.

My Computer My Way is an interactive web-based tool developed by AbilityNet that shows disabled people how to adapt their computer using the accessibility features built into their mobile phone or tablet device.

Inspiration Maps App

Many GSA students are visual thinkers. Inspiration software is relatively straightforward to use and enables you to visually plan, organise and analyse a wide range of information.InspirationMaps_LogoSmall(1)

It is particularly effective as a tool for:

  • Organising and collating research (for studio or for your academic writing)
  • Writing your essays and presentations (you can switch between a visual interface and a text based view that can be exported to Word or Powerpoint)
  • Planning studio work (the process you take from the brief or initial ideas right through to the final outcome)
  • Breaking your workload into manageable chunks (helps to improve focus and reduces you feeling overwhelmed)

Inspiration software for Mac and Windows is covered in a separate post under ‘Reading and Writing’.

Support Resources:

Evernote App


Evernote is a free application that enables you to easily create notes and organise information. Information about using Evernote to organise your digital information is available in the ‘Organisation’ section.

  • Create text, photo and audio notes.
  • Clip web pages including text, links and images.
  • Synchronise notes across all your devices.
  • Search for text within snapshots and images.

Your Evernote account can sync between multiple mobile and tablet devices as well as with your computer. It is also accessible through all internet web browsers.

Irlen® Coloured Overlays

Overlays are useful and commonly used tools that add colour to a page of text. This helps to reduce the symptoms of visual stress that may arise when reading for people with dyslexia or Meares-Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen® Coloured Overlays is an app that:

  • Enables you to add digital overlays to the screen of your android mobile phone or device (not available for iPhone or Apple devices at the moment);
  • Can be used to view information on-the-go more easily and comfortably;
  • Has been specially developed by the Irlen Institute and includes a range of differentIrlen colours which you can customize to be more or less transparent to suit your preferences;
  • Costs £1.99 to purchase from the Google Play Store here.