During your studies at GSA, the development of your work will be influenced through your research and experience.


For example,

selecting editing

You will gather together your research and experience in notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, blogs, folders, lists, and so on.

In order to develop your work you will need to select from this body of notes and images, depending on what you decide is most relevant to your research. It is important to have a rationale for what you select. Think about

  • what is most interesting and exciting to you
  • what you will be able to develop according to the practicalities of available time, materials, and so on
  • what is most relevant to the particular brief
  • how you would explain the rationale to others

You should  document why you brought certain sources together in order to better explain to your tutors your understanding of the research you undertake.



Image: Myra Ostacchini

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