Project Planning

12927722733_7dd927c266_zAs soon as you receive a new brief or assignment, you will need to think about how you this will fit in with your available time.

Things to think about when planning a project.

  • Check for learning outcomes, outputs or assessment criteria. What have you been asked to do?
  • What is the deadline for handing in or completing?
  • If it is a longer project, are there any key dates to consider, such as group crits, tutorials, presentations…
  • Once you have identified what you need to submit, try to break this down to smaller and more specific tasks, as you would do with an action plan
  • Ensure you allow time for editing. This could be editing written work, checking you have annotated sketchbooks to explain the importance of visuals, and allow for time to finish your work to an appropriate standard.
  • Always consider at every point of every project how your tutor would make sense of what you have done. This is a useful way to ensure you are not ‘keeping things in your head’. Your research is important and you are likely to forget what you were thinking about when making drawings or selecting images. See Documenting Your Thinking for further information.

Image: McAteer at GSA Flickr