Reflective Writing

Many courses encourage reflective learning activities such as:

  • reflective journals or blogs
  • written self-evaluations (submitted with work for assessment)
  • crits and presentations

Reflection can be difficult, particularly if you don’t feel confident about your work. It may be helpful to think about how you approach the task, and the positive reasons for writing reflectively.Picture20

Why Write Reflectively? explains the benefit of using writing as a vehicle of reflection, and the role of reflective processes in learning.

Writing Reflectively for Yourself offers advice on ways you can use reflective writing in order to develop your personal practice.

Writing Reflectively for Others offers advice on producing the reflective statements and presentations you are required to submit for your course in order to demonstrate your learning.

Map for Reflective Writing provides a structure you can use for producing reflective writing.


Image: Leona McConnell