Preparing What to Say


In some situations you might be able to present without too much planning, however, you will learn valuable skills if you put effort into explaining your work, your ideas and your process as clearly as you can. To do this it makes sense to prepare. Try to strike a balance between over preparing and not doing enough:

  • be strategic and selective in relation to your purpose: what does your audience need? What will make sense to them?
  • prepare for questions
  • use vocabulary and a structure that is natural to you so that you don’t have to memorise too much
  • organise visuals in a way that will help guide your presentation
  • write down or record what you want to say
  • break things down into sections and make bullet points, cue cards, mind maps or slides, if you need memory joggers
  • practice with a friend or record yourself
  • think about timing

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Image: @gsaviscom