Dealing with the Performance Aspect

Take-a-Deep-Breath-Whale-300x214Many people find public speaking daunting even with planning and preparation. If the thought of speaking to a group induces anxiety that prevents you communicating effectively, this section offers advice on dealing with nerves:

  • take a couple of deep breaths before you speak and focus on your breathing to calm you down
  • slow it down: it is common to talk faster when we are nervous. Try to think and speak slowly
  • to make sure you get your message across, summarise the key points of what you are saying
  • remember that you are studying at GSA because you are passionate about your subject, and what you have to say is valid and of interest to others
  • imagine the situation as a conversation: people will be interested and want to ask questions
  • if people ask questions you can’t answer, try to be interested in the question and have a strategy to respond to them rather than getting flustered
  • if feedback on what you say makes you lose confidence in your ideas, remember that you often learn more from failures than successes. You can use what you learn to make your work better.

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