Presentation Skills

As an art, design or architecture student there will be many situations where you are required to talk about your work. These can range from informal discussions in the studio to assessed formal presentations where you may be speaking to larger audiences. Being able to speak effectively and persuasively about your practice will help people understand what you do and guide their interaction with your work. Speaking about your work encourages you to learn through discussion and debate by sharing ideas and concepts with your peers and tutors. These pages explore elements of presentations:

Good presentations very rarely just happen: most people who are effective speakers have good strategies. Tips for Speaking to a Group guides you through planning, preparing and delivering presentations.

ImageGenA key element of participating in discussion and debate is your Listening Skills. Understanding what others say, and responding in a considered way, supports development of your own speaking skills, and helps you contribute to the learning experience of others.

If you are used to thinking in images or through making, it can be challenging to translate the visual ideas into verbal ideas. Explaining Your Work offers advice on approaches to this.

An video resource on crits is available from Q-Arts.


Image: GSA