referencingReferencing, or citation, is an essential element of integrating sources in your writing. If you do not reference your sources, then you are plagiarising. Clear and accurate documentation of sources is an important convention of the scholarly community.

Referencing is essential:

  • to demonstrate the extent of your research
  • to give credit where it is due (otherwise it is the offence of plagiarism)
  • to enable others to access for themselves the sources you have referred to.

There are many different referencing systems, and which one you use will depend on the particular department that the essay is for, so you should make sure to familiarise yourself with the relevant guidelines. It is important to be consistent throughout your essay. At GSA, FoCI ask for the MHRA system, and provide guidance for this on the VLE. GSA Library’s InfosmART resource also provides detailed guidance on referencing using the MHRA system. The Mackintosh School of Architecture ask for the Chicago Manual of Style footnote system.

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