Focus on the Question

6320034530_3bbf4c2c16_zIt is essential that your essay answers the question asked, or focuses on the title you have chosen. Throughout the process of planning, researching, writing and reviewing your essay you should continually ask yourself whether you are answering the actual question. This will ensure that you don’t waste time reading or writing on issues that are ultimately irrelevant to your essay.

For more detail, see this resource from the Royal Literary Fund.

Focus on the question is important for planning the essay. The particular phrasing of the question will be significant in what approach you should take for it. For example, if you are asked to ‘analyse’ two art pieces then you would answer the question differently than if you had been asked to ‘compare and contrast’ those two pieces. See Learn Higher’s extremely useful resource on Instruction Words in Essay Questions.

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Image: Rusty Clark