Choosing an Essay Topic

Picture1Some essay assignments will give you a specific question to answer; for others it will be up to you to decide on a topic for yourself.

Whether you are choosing a question from a list, or coming up with your own question to respond to, think about whether you can already respond to this question in a couple of sentences. If you can, then you probably have a good foundation to build on in planning your essay. However, do not  choose a question just because it seems to be the easiest. You should choose a question that is interesting and intriguing to you, a subject you are passionate about, and one that is relevant to your wider study.

If you are coming up with your own essay topic, think carefully about the scope of your question. If a topic is too broad, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of available research material, and will not be able to consider all the necessary aspects of the topic in enough detail. If a topic is too specific or very little research has been done on it, you may not have enough material to work with.

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