Practice-Led Research

Practice-led (or practice-based) research is a predominant form of research in arts institutions such as GSA. Practice-led research is original investigation undertaken in order to gain new knowledge through practice and for practice. This may consist of:

  • Practice as a research method: using creative arts practices as a means of investigating a research inquiry.
  • Practice as a research outcome: outputs of the research inquiry include creative artefacts such as a product, design or an artwork.
  • Practice as a research aim: the intention of the research is to advance knowledge about or within a particular practice.

While all creative practice engages in some kind of ‘research’ (by seeking information and exploring ideas) what defines research in a higher education context is a process of investigation which results in the creation of knowledge. Academic research contributes to a specific body of knowledge and is open to being used and built on by others.17189493898_2b823bd83d_z

Practice-led research in the creative disciplines is an emerging field of scholarship. At GSA you will have the opportunity to work with supervisors and tutors who are leading experts in conducting and supporting practice-led research. You will be working alongside other students who are also engaged in innovative methods of scholarship: you will learn from each other, develop ideas and together inform and influence practice.

Image: Conor Macdonald on GSA Flickr