Time Management Example One

Example one: detailed and precise, for someone accustomed to 9-5 working life

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9-10 Tour studio, view peers work. Check VLE and arrange meetings with tutors Studio research and making (liaise with casting technician) Pre-reading for elective Studio research and making. Prepare cast for sculpture. Check fixings.  

Group critique (continues)





Day off





Day off

10-11 Studio research and making Organise studio space Friday all school lecture
11-12 Elective lecture Prepare ideas and questions for tutorial
12-1 tutorial Coffee with friend to review lecture content
1-2 Lunch
2-3 Visiting artist talk and discussion Studio research and making. Write up notes. Take photos of process Type up lecture notes Group critique Read up about artist/theory/



3-4 Post-lecture reading Take photos of work, write up notes and tidy studio
4-5 Research in library Gallery visit
5-6 Planning for next week