Learning with Others at PG Level

Studio-based learning operates through discussion and debate rather than instruction. At undergraduate level you will have gained some experience in directing your own research enquiries and using discussion, debate and contrasting views to inform and develop your work.( If you have not had previous experience of studio-based learning then you might benefit from engaging with our resources on Learning at GSA).14551307115_a066c16dc1_z

At postgraduate level, your learning will be predominately self-directed and you will be expected to further develop your capacity to take ownership of your work. However this does not mean learning alone. A crucial part of self-directed learning is participating in creative community, exploring ideas in discussion with peers and tutors and gaining inspiration from others through, for example, critique, seminars and meetings, exhibitions, presentations and lectures.

At postgraduate level you will work with your tutors as colleagues within a disciplinary community (if you are doing a PhD then your relationship with your supervisor is particularly important). Aim to have plenty of open dialogue with your tutors, particularly when reflecting on their feedback on your work.

Learning with other students is facilitated by working in studios in a shared space where, in addition to structured activities such as group projects, crits and reviews, there are opportunities for  networking and developing ideas together. Make the most of this peer-learning: as a current GSA Masters student has said, “we teach each other and we learn from each other”.

Image: McAteer at GSA Flickr