Progressing from Undergraduate to Postgraduate Learning

At the start of a postgraduate degree it is common to feel excited by the new learning experiences and opportunities available. It is also common to be challenged by the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate level and the adjustment to the difference in expectations and modes of learning. This may be especially so for students returning to study after a period away from formal education or for international students new to UK higher education. However, there can also be a steep learning curve for graduates progressing directly into a postgraduate course from undergraduate study, including those undertaking their studies at the same institution from which they graduated.

14364186540_a427e1e46a_zOn these pages we provide guidance on the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study.

Ownership of Your Learning

Scholarly Context

Standards and Workload

If you have not had previous experience of studio-based learning then you may also find it helpful to engage with our resources on creative Learning at GSA.

“The main differences for me between undergraduate and postgraduate study are self-direction, independence, trust, and validation”– current Masters student

Image: McAteer at GSA Flickr