Doing a PhD

Studying for a PhD has particular rewards and challenges. On these pages we provide learning support resources specific to students working towards a PhD at GSA.

Learning with Others at PhD gives advice on Working with Your Supervisor and the importance of Being Part of a Research Community

Balancing Priorities: Thesis and Professional Development provides guidance on managing your time in both completing a research degree and building your CV and networks at the same time.

Making a Contribution to Knowledge discusses what it means to bring something new to the research in your field.

Your PhD Experience looks at the journey of studying for a PhD, including the emotional aspects.

Book-iPad-wallpaper-Lost-in-a-Good-Book-520x245You may also find helpful the book PhD: An Uncommon Guide by James Hayton and the blogs The Thesis Whisperer and The New Academic.

While the emphasis is the three year PhD, much of this guidance will be relevant for students working for a one-year Masters by research (MPhil at GSA).