Workshops FAQ

Q -Is there a charge / how much does it cost?

A – The workshops are provided by Learning Support and Development and are free of charge.

Q – How do I know if the workshop I am interested in, is the best one for me?

– If you are unsure, email your concerns to and we will advise you by email.  You should include which workshop you are interested in, and the year and program of study you are enrolled on.

Q – Do I have to book my place in advance or register my interest for a workshop?

A – We recommend that you reserve a place by emailing, however  subject to space being available, you may be able to participate on the day without having previously booked.

Q – Do I have to be a Student Support user to attend the workshops?

A – You don’t have to have previously used the Student Support Services to access the workshops – all GSA students are welcome to attend.

Q – Are the workshops for new students or can continuing students attend?

A – All GSA students are welcome to attend the workshops.  You should note however that some of the workshops have been developed for a particular year group (for example ‘Putting Your Sources Into Writing’ supports students in year 3 undertaking the FoCI Critical  Review of Sources).

Q – Do I need to attend all of the workshops in the series of workshops or can I come along to the ones that I am interested in?

A – Although it may be beneficial for you to attend all of the workshops in the series, each workshop has been designed so that you can attend the specific workshop(s) that you are interested in.  There is no requirement or pressure to attend every one.

Q – Do I need to bring anything particular along to the workshops?

A –  Apart from taking notes, there is no requirement to bring anything with you.

Q – How many students attend each workshop?

A – The numbers of students varies from week to week and from workshop to workshop, although generally we work with a small number of students.

Q – If I miss one of the workshops, will it be repeated?

A – If you miss one of the workshops, you can find information about it by accessing the Student Support & Development section of the vle –

Q – How can I contact the workshop tutor or receive additional information about a workshop?

A – You can contact the workshop tutor by emailing .  In your email you should indicate which workshop you are referring to, your name, and which program of study you are enrolled on.

Q – I have a question that isn’t mentioned on this page.  What should I do?

A – Please email your question to