Language Learning Websites

The following sites are a selection of some of the online resources available. Click on any of the images to practice your English online.

internet grammar of english

University College, London. The Internet Grammar of English.

This is a good site to visit if you are interested in things like reviseing your verb forms, or revisiting the rules for grammar. There are good explanations and plenty of examples

using english for academic purposes

Using English for Academic Purposes

Using English for Academic purposes has everything you need, including lots of practice pages, to revise and test your knowledge of English language, and also to review the skills you need to study in higher education.


Education First

This is an overview of English grammar usage. EF also have various online courses and some free resources.


British Council

The British Council operates across the world promoting the use of English. This site has lots of useful information from grammar to listening practices. It also includes a free language testing area, to give you an idea of your current level of English.

British Council Apps

The British Council pages also include several apps, so you can practice your English from your phone.

future learn 

Future Learn

At Future Learn, there are various MOOCS in support of English language, as well as MOOCS to introduce you to study skills useful in higher education. The courses are free to enrol in, are recognised by the British Council, and they usually offer a certificate of completion at the end.